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22nd International Congress for Battery Recycling

20.9.2017 - 22.9.2017, Lisbon (Portugal)

The ICBR is the international platform for discussion of the latest developments and the challenges of battery recycling, bringing together many decision makers in the battery recycling chain such as battery producers, recyclers, collection schemes, policy-makers, transport companies and many more.

Over 200 international experts from industry, authorities and academia will discuss and present the following topics:
· Safety aspects with lithium primary and lithium rechargeable batteries
· Battery technologies development
· Urban mobility: The gate to e-mobility?
· Update of the review of the Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC
· Energy storage: Opportunities for a second use of batteries?
· Energy storage and e-mobility: Complementary technologies?
· Economic aspects of collection or take back schemes
· New trends in battery recycling technologies: Primary and rechargeable
· Eco-design: A critical approach to batteries removability?
· International developments in batteries collection and recycling
· Safety aspects in the end of life value chain
Veranstalter: ICM AG, Birrwil

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