Samstag, 21.04.2018
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EUBCE 2018

14.5.2018 - 17.5.2018, Copenhagen (Denmark)

26th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

With 900+ high-level selected presentations, involving 3,500+ authors and co-authors from 81 countries, the EUBCE 2018 Conference Programme provides once again prompt answers to the evolving international scientific and policy debate and gives a glance into the most innovative industrial projects in the fields of biomass and bioenergy.
Responding to suggestions from the scientific community, the EUBCE Conference Programme will address all different subjects of the biomass sector with an updated and refined programme structure and topics addressing the latest challenges, developments and trends for bioenergy. The EUBCE programme aims at providing insights into cutting edge research on biomass technologies as well as on the appropriate approaches to deliver sustainable bioenergy.
Veranstalter: etaflorence / renewable energies

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