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Electronics & Cars Recycling

14.11.2017 - 17.11.2017, Macau (China)

Conference, exhibition and plant tours

This conference represents the most international gathering of its kind in the fields of electronics and cars manufacturing, distribution, collection, reuse and remanufacturing, E-scrap processors and recycling of metals and ELVs. With a wealth of economic, technical and legislation information, combined with unique networking opportunities, it attracts not only leaders in Asia, but also key influencers in the industry worldwide.
The following topics are scheduled to be part of the program:
· Cars recycling
· Electronics recycling
· E-mobility
· Circular Economy – Government initiatives
· Latest sorting and processing technologies
· Manufacturer take-back schemes and recycling efforts
· Reuse and remanufacturing
· Reducing risks in take-back of used electronics and cars
· Transboundary shipment of reusable units
· Update about funding and financing for recycling projects in Asia
· Dismantling versus shredding, best practices for highest ROI
Veranstalter: ICM AG

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